WEB Services

Lotto (http://reto.checkit.ch/Scripts/Lotto.dll) 28 June 2002

This web service provides you the possibility to request lotto numbers from a defineable range. The following parameters are requested:

Min (integer) This value defines the first possible Lotto Number (as i know in most cases 1)
Max (integer) This value defines the highest possible Number
Numbers (integer) This value counts the numbers per guess
Count (integer) makes it possible to generate more then one Lotto-guess per request.
The diffrent guess are delimited by ";" in the result string

For a WEB-Interface (Example) to this service use this Lotto Generator link

There is also a LottoClient application for Windows (Screenshot). You can download it here.

There is also a LottoClient application for Linux (Kylix). You have to check if it works on your linux.

If you are interested in other WEB-Services have a look at: http://www.xmethods.com

Since 26 of august 2003 I have migrated the service to Windows NT Server 2003.

Regards Reto Loser


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